Digging on Private Property

You still need to have those private lines marked in Indiana!

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The Underground Detective
Private Underground Utility Locating
Serving Indiana
(888) 747-3799 | Website

Blood Hound, Inc.
Utility Locating, GPR, and more.
Serving Indiana.
(888) 858-9830 | Website

Private Utility Locators
- Bloomington (812) 318-4772
- Evansville (812) 480-8487
- Fort Wayne (260) 213-3171
- Gary (312) 485-7725
- Indianapolis (317) 504-1068
- Lafayette (765) 412-7690
- South Bend (574) 274-7031
- Nationwide (844) 224-4723 | Website

MIA Private Utilities, LLC
Private Underground Utility Locating
Serving Indiana
888.668.0272 | Website

Guardian Utilities
Private Utility Locating
Serving Indiana.
(317) 677-4574 | Website

One-Call and private utilities

In Indiana you should always call before you dig!

Indiana Underground Plant Protection Service, Inc. | Indiana Locate Request

Indiana Underground Plant Protection Service, Inc.

PO Box 219, Greenwood, IN 46142

800-382-5544 | 317-842-8378

Your responsibility as a homeowner is to call 2 working days before you plan to dig anywhere on your property. This will give the utility companies time to locate and mark all of the underground lines and pipes, to prevent damage to you and your property. There is no charge or fee for this service.

The One-Call System does not mark utilities. The One-Call system only notifies participating member utilities. These participating member utilities will not mark private or non-member utilities. The utility locating companies notified will locate and mark only primary public utilities, so it's up to you to keep track of what else is on your own property.

Private Utilities are the buried lines after the meter or main lines. If you have a curbside meter then your property will not get marked by the participating member utility locators. Other buried utilities that generally are not marked include but may not be limited to: sewer lines, private lighting, sprinklers, fire mains, secondary electric lines to detached garages, and septic lines.